Hammam means “Turkish bath”, the Eurasian and Middle Eastern way for a steam bath with skin exfoliation and massage. Hammam was developed with the purpose of water use for health and as a place for physical and spiritual purification.

In the Hammam the body and skin are cleansed and purified from toxins, blood circulation is increased and the immune system is stimulated to support physical and mental wellness.

Our Hammam starts with a steam bath to be followed by Gommage (dead skin removal with an exfoliation glove) and  Black Moroccan soap made with olive oil which will leave your skin feeling soft and invigorated. This healthy and fun experience includes covering your body in a thick layer of bubbles and a mini-massage.

After finishing your Hammam experience why not continue your journey with Reflexology, an invigorating and beneficial foot massage and /or a stimulating and healthful body massage/or a Aromatherapy Facial .

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